Hello my beauties !

As you know, discovering new sustainable brands has become a real passion over the years.
And if there is one topic that makes me jump for joy with each new find, it is the lingerie !
Because I do not know about you, but finding both comfortable, sexy (well yes it’s important too !) and ecological underwear can be a real struggle.
That’s why I was really looking forward to making you discover Kharites H Paris, the new french brand of organic & ethical lingerie.
And when I say new, I do not weigh my words : created in 2018 by Arnaud H., the first collection of the brand is (after long weeks of waiting !) available since a few days on its e-shop.

Designed to gently sublimate women, this first « Prestige » range by Kharites H (the name Kharites itself is inspired by greek goddesses) is ethically made in France, from organic cotton and a delicate 100% french lace.
I had the chance to receive the full line, including a classic panties (embellished with touches of lace), tanga, high-waisted briefs and two bras : one triangle bra and one underwire bra .
This range, which is very refined, was made in the codes of the traditional and high-end french corsetry.
For my part I was really charmed from the first fittings !
First from an aesthetic point of view, because these undergarments are really beautiful (I must say that I’m a real fan of lace !), and because I’m also a great lover of white underwear ; moreover, the panties are just perfect and really show off the figure, while the bras bend the chest just right.
But one thing I loved above all is the comfort of this lingerie !
Indeed I was expecting to feel maybe a little stuck with all this lace, and I was finally surprised by the softness of the underwear.

So I can only recommend this beautiful brand which I love for its ethics and its spirit in general ; beyond the ecological part, I particularly appreciated the fact that the photos of the campaign were deliberately not retouched (but when you see the model, it would have been quite a pity !) !
I am therefore looking forward to discovering the second Kharites H Paris range, named « Bellissima » and which this time will be (/!\ Spoiler Alert /!\) black and made in Italy (with ecological Italian lace)! I can’t wait !

The products :
« Élégance » panties, 35 euros
« Sublime » high-waisted briefs, 38 euros
« Charmeuse » tanga, 35 euros
« La Sensuelle » triangle bra, 75 euros
« Irrésistible » underwired bra, 75 euros
All made from organic cotton and french lace, Kharite H Paris (paid collaboration)

What about you ? Do you like sustainable underwear ?
Did you know the brand Kharites H Paris ?