Hello my beauties !

Who among you cares about the manufacturing and materials used for your sportswear ?
I must admit that on my side, even after changing my dressing habits and doing the transition into ethical fashion a few years ago, I did not change right away my training outfits.
Indeed for me it was the kind of clothes in which I did not see too much interest to invest, a bit like socks or tights !
So even though my everyday wardrobe was almost exclusively composed of ecofriendly pieces, my sportswear has long remained fairly basic.
Today I have evolved on this point, and the conditions of manufacture as well as the materials used for my workout outfits have become very important for me.
However, no question here to forget the style !

« We believe in the power of inner beauty. » - Oceans Apart

So when I discovered the german brand Oceans Apart a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you !
With its made in California designs, Oceans Apart has as leitmotiv the desire to reveal the best in all of us.
For my part I love this very positive state of mind, I think there is really nothing better to give the desire to workout !
This Californian atmosphere is also very present in the universe of the brand, as much in terms of design and colors of the clothing as in the photos and messages transmitted on the social networks of Oceans Apart.

The design of the clothes is thus thought to be the most flattering for our figure and to facilitate as much as possible the practice of the sport;
The materials are built to have a second-skin effect while being breathable (for maximum comfort during the effort), the leggings are equipped with slimming belts to enhance the silhouette and most clothes have a pocket integrated so we can slide our smartphone into it.

« We strive to be one with nature. » - Oceans Apart

In addition, beyond the aesthetics of their clothes, it is especially the commitments of Oceans Apart that seduced me ;
On one hand, rhe materials used are thought to be as sustainable as possible : the brand uses either organic cotton or recycled polyamide or polyester.
Besides, I think that this good point will please many of you : the products of the german brand are also certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA !
Concerning the manufacture, Oceans Apart has the majority of its products ethically made in Turkey (though a small part of the products are made in California), and is also engaged in a Fairtrade program.

For my part, I am totally under the spell of these sustainable workout clothes and I really loves the #goodvibes atmosphere that surrounds the brand.
I took advantage of my first weekend at the sea of the year to shoot my favorite outfits (the black Moonlight leggings is absolutely sublime !), I hope that you’ll like these photos as much as I do ♡

And Oceans Apart’s little gift for my readers : with the discount code ALIAS40 you can have 40% off (yes, 40% off !!) your order on the entire Oceans Apart e-shop for the next 48h (30% off after that) ♡

The products :
« Moonlight black leggings», 89,99€
« Daylight » pink leggings, 59,99€
« Wild » black bra, 49,99€
« Power » black top, 49,99€
« Venice » pink bra, 49,99€
All from Oceans Apart (paid collaboration)

What about you, did you know the brand Oceans Apart ?
Do you like the idea of sustainable sportswear ?