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New ethical fashion article today to present to you one of my last pretty discoveries : the french brand Clipse By Britta.
I must say that fashion brands that are made in France, ecological AND stylish (while being affordable, of course) are to my opinion still quite rare.
So everytime I discover a brand that meets these three criteria, I have obviously only one desire : to make you discover it as soon as possible!
This is how I had a big crush for the brand Clipse By Britta a few weeks ago ; obviously the fact that it is originated from northern France has made it earn a few points (I’m so proud of my region ^^), and all her commitments in terms of sustainable fashion as well as its awesome concept of « Clipse » conquered me very quickly.

What is Clipse By Britta ?

Created by Britta Béchet in 2017, Clipse by Britta is a young women fashion brand, proposing a line of several timeless pieces (the « Clipse Wardrobe ») that can be personalized thanks to removable collars (the famous « clipses »).
The current collection includes six beautifully cut garments, which are the perfect pieces for an ideal wardrobe : a little black dress, a white shirt, a navy blue sweatshirt, a short-sleeved trapeze dress, a grey t-shirt and a sky blue blouse.
These six pieces are all made in french or european fabrics based on organic cotton (certified GOTS), and manufacture is done in a small workshop in the north of France.
These timeless garments are thought to be able to wear without collar, or can be nicely « twisted » with one of the pretty « clipses » (= removable collars) created by Clipse by Britta.

Clipse by Britta, how does it work ?

The specificity of Clipse by Britta is therefore its « clipse » system, in other words removable collars that adapt to the line of six garments of the brand.
Indeed each garment has a small and discret system of snap buttons (hidden in the inner neckline), which responds to those of the various Clipse By Britta removable collars, which allows us to change them very easily.

And the good point is that the choice of the collars is quite large : you can choose between twelve collars, from classic white collar to « fashion » asymmetrical or tweed collars, and which adapt to every garment of the Clipse wardrobe.
And like the six garments of the Clipse wardrobe, each collar is made in France in ecological materials, usually in very limited editions.

Clipse By Britta, my opinion

During my meeting with Britta, the designer, I had the opportunity to try the six pieces of the « Clipse Wardrobe », and I must say that I was immediately amazed by the quality of these clothes.
I was very seduced by their cut, which I find really perfect ; these pieces are designed in order to be flattering for all morphologies, with always the small touch of modernity that allows them to be timeless without beeing too classic.
I especially had a huuuuge crush for the Clipse by Britta little black dress, which I like to wear in very different styles : casual without collar, or in a more « babydoll » style with a white collar or even more festive with the night blue corduroy collar (that you can see in the pictures below!).
I also love the white shirt, the perfect fall and that I love with or without collar !
This is really the perfect piece of clothing to wear when you want to go straight from the job to the afterwork without having to change : just switch collar, et voilà !

To sum up, what I like the most about Clipse by Britta is that it allows us to have a great, sustainable wardrobe that adapts to every situation.
The creations of the brand are in my opinion ideal for those who wish to buy clothes in a more sustainable wayy, by buying less but better !

The products :

« Anette » little black dress, 149 euros
« Mariette » timeless white shirt, 129 euros
« Babette » casual sweatshirt, 89 euros
« Angèle » blouse, 79 euros
« Janette » t-shirt, 59 euros
« Paulette » trapeze dress, 89 euros
All ethically made in France from organic cotton (GOTS certified), Clipse by Britta (paid collaboration)


What about you, did you know the brand Clipse by Britta ?
What do you think about this exchangeable collars concept ?